R3 Community Services

R3 is a non-profit organization that works with people living in economically disadvantaged communities, particularly black men and women. R3 is also committed to providing a pathway to success for youth in our communities. We aim to equip underserved populations, at-risk or justice involved, and reentry individuals with the tools necessary for success. R3 partners with local community, city, and state organizations to provide our clients access to a breadth of services and support. R3 provides Certified Technical Education Training, job readiness training, employment assistance, structural support and influential mentorship. R3 promotes family restoration, and offers additional wrap-around services.


R3 works with partners to assist in providing housing in Pierce,King and Snohomish counties. to source housing based on location, availability and each client’s unique circumstance.


Utilizing our partners in education we provide a vast list of educational choices, and help navigate entry into these institutions. Whether it is job readiness training, high school/GED completion, pre-apprenticeship training or completing your college degree, R3 will assist in helping you through this process. R3 also offers access to life skills, cognitive behavior, financial literacy and many other self improvement courses.


Through our network of public & private partnerships, R3 offers support accessing & navigating treatment options based on client needs, while maintaining confidentiality.

Legal Financial Obligations

R3 works with professional law partners that specialize in providing legal guidance to meet financial obligations.


R3 works with multi-regional workforce development agencies, constructions industry and other partners to provide an array of living wage career opportunities.

Transitional Support

R3 believes in a broad spectrum support approach. Whether it is mentorship, items for work, assistance with family needs, or something else, R3 and our partner network can assist based on needs and availability.


R3’s primary goal is to equip each client with the skills needed to obtain sustainable work and make a livable family wage. As a part of our commitment to developing a foundation for successful and sustainable careers, R3 conducts one and two-day readiness training, three-hour multi-trade career development classes in the evening along with ongoing refresher courses as needed. Each client has the opportunity to select a construction trade to be trained in which will assist them in being prepared for a lasting career in the construction field.


The R3 Maximizing Me Mentorship program is designed to assist our men and women in reaching their full potential by staying connected. One of the concerns our disadvantaged population faces is the lack of connection to people and resources that identify and understand their needs. Our lasting bonds, both personally and professionally, exemplify the consistency, stability & a sense of belonging which helps to cultivate a network our men and women can count on.