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Our MISSION is to ensure that our under-served, reentry and high risk clients have the support and resources necessary for success in our communities. We look at our clients as whole people and assist with barriers including employment, housing, education and training and personal relationships. We have a strong commitment to collective work and responsibility and hold high standards for both our clients and partner organizations. Our goal is to Reshape lives, Restore families, and Rebuild community, for each of our clients.

R3 VISION. R3 is a non-profit organization that assists the under-served, reentry and at-risk community to overcome barriers. It is R3’s belief that the achievements of our clients not only effect the individual, but also the families they are a part of. R3 takes a holistic approach when creating our clients plans. At the core of R3 is the notion that intervention prior to incarceration and during reentry are principled belief systems, not just programs. Our clients are human beings, not numbers or case files. Success calls for a broad systems approach to ensure efficacy when returning to society. It is a commitment that starts with the question: What do our clients need to succeed? What is needed to Reshape the lives, Restore the families and Rebuild the community,  of each of the people we assist?

R3 VALUES. Professional. People oriented. Family focused. Community minded. R3 sees the systematic gap in services provided to the high-risk and formerly incarcerated, who require more resources and support than is provided. Most of these individuals are not given the necessary tools to succeed. Our client’s success is based on much more than a basic one-time plan; we work to build a plan for life. It is a flawed analogy to think one generic method will work for every individual. R3 designs a strategic roadmap specific to the respective client and their family. Reshaping lives, Restoring families, Rebuilding community.

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Rick Dimmer, Founder & Executive Dir, has made it his mission to provide this support and resource to others, and through this, R3 Community Services was born. His goal is that the success of R3 helps to change more than just lives. He intends for the success of R3 to be a catalyst for changing laws and policies across this country. There is a major lack of access to better education, supportive services, mentorship and access to livable wage employment within our communities.

Minority and underserved populations particularly black men and women often fall victim to unspoken limitations surrounding education & career opportunities, leaving many of with very few options. With the support of people who see value in him, he has worked hard and has been fortunate enough to overcome incarceration, homelessness and below poverty wages. It is now Rick’s mission to help others in similar situations. He has become empowered to create pathways for disenfranchised men and women who want to better their lives. Thank you for allowing R3 Community Services to be a part of your story. Reshaping lives, Rebuilding community, Restoring families.

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